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About The Iranian Film Council

The Iranian Film Council is dedicated to fighting film piracy.


Established in October 2013, the IFC works with the leading lights of the Iranian Film Industry to combat all forms of piracy, with a particular focus on website piracy and the illegal emission of films via satellite channels.


The IFC is passionate about protecting the rights of film makers, believing that a healthy attitude to copyrighting and a successful and vibrant film industry go hand in hand.


The IFC works in the interests of the film industry, working closely with the online video streaming websites that own the rights to the film content. With legal representation in every territory across the globe, the IFC is ideally positioned to actively protect film content, by representing the rights of film makers in Iran and acting as a deterrent to any parties involved in the illegal distribution of film content.


The IFC also provides an advisory service for film makers who wish to learn more about copyrighting film content, and film lovers with a desire to support our campaign against film piracy.


If you love films, you will understand the importance of stamping out film piracy. With your help we can stop the spread of illegal film downloading. 



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