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Don't Support It, Report It!


The illegal downloading of film content is not a victimless crime, it has serious repercussions for both the Iranian Film Industry and the person downloading the content.


If you download illegal film content, you not only risk damaging your computer with harmful viruses but you are also supporting a criminal act. The distribution of illegal film content is illegal, it is tantamount to the theft and selling of illegal goods.


The Iranian Film Industry provides employment for numerous people and represents Iranian culture both nationally and globally.

Behind every production there is a huge team of people, not just the actors and directors but hundreds of individuals who work tirelessly every day to produce the Iranian films that you know and love; film carpenters, set designers, costumiers, hairdressers and make up artists to name but a few. Stealing and distributing illegal film content affects each and every one of these individuals.



film piracy should not be supported




You can help in our fight against film piracy by ensuring that you only download legal film content and by reporting bogus film websites. 

to report film pirates


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