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Film Makers

Don't Support It, Report It!


protect your film?


It enables you to take Control of how, where and when your film is viewed.


It Respects the hard work of every person involved in its making.


It Values your work.


It Protects your film from the manipulation of others.


In recent years, the world has got smaller, film content is no longer constrained by international borders. 

With an estimated 1.5 million Iranians living outside of Iran, copyrighting your film content ensures that you reach an incredibly wide audience and offer them the highest quality emission of your film. If international audiences are able to engage with your art, your film reaches an even wider audience.


As a film maker you have a responsibility to your industry and contemporaries.

The more film content is copyrighted, the more opportunities there will be for audiences to view quality film broadcasts. By giving your film content the respect and weight it deserves, you are directly contributing to the momentum and acclaim that Iranian Cinema is currently experiencing on the international stage.


Why should somebody who has had no involvement in the production of the film profit from your hard work?

As a film maker it is your duty to copyright your film, not only for yourself but also for each and every individual involved in its production.


Audiences expect to be able to view films online, make sure that you provide the content, not the film pirates

Technology is moving fast and audiences expect to be able to view content at the click of a button. It is no longer enough for films to be available on DVD alone, audiences expect to be able to stream films at the highest quality possible.

Pirated films are often poor quality - this casts a negative and unprofessional image on your film content. Your film deserves to be shown in the best possible light - ensure that you make this happen by controlling who uploads your film content online.


Audiences love choice

As viewing opportunities widen, so do audiences tastes. It is no longer enough to just be able to view the critically-acclaimed films, they want to have the choice to watch what they want, when they want.

So no matter the genre, subject matter or level of your film ensure you protect your film content so that you can distribute high quality broadcasts to the public.



can you protect your film? 

Be careful who you trust with your film content. Remember that film pirates are highly likely to be people who work in the Iranian Film Industry as they have easy access to film material


Don't give out DVD screeners to people unless you are 100% sure you can trust them


Be careful with your DVD screeners - don't leave them at cinemas, take precautions to ensure that they are not stolen from you


Don't release your DVD too early


Hire an agency to protect your film before it gets released on DVD


Get Approved by the IFC and put the logo on your website


Monitor well-known video sharing sites such as YouTube for any illegally submitted content and act fast if you see your film on there without permission.


Set up Google alerts with key words relating to your film to ensure you are the first to know if material is appearing illegally

Google alerts are email updates of the latest relevant web pages based on your query. Setting up a Google alert means you can stay up-to-date on the topic of your choice. Go to and enter a search query or keywords that you wish to monitor. Any time a relevant google result appears, you will be alerted via the email address you provide.



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