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Film Pirates

What is Film Piracy?

Film piracy is the illegal distribution of film content whether via websites, satellite channels or by selling illegally produced dvds to the public.


Did you know?

Even sharing films without the owners permission counts as film piracy.

It's not just uploading films in their entirety that is illegal. Uploading substantial parts of film content without permission, can still count as film piracy. Take a look at the Fair Use Rules to see what constitutes legal use.


Film Piracy is Illegal

It used to be acceptable to distribute film content without seeking the permission of the people who own it but this has changed.


Iranian film content is owned by the directors and producers through legal resources and it is illegal to distribute it without their permission.


Uploading film content to websites without getting the owner's permission is tempting. However it could result in that website being taken down and the paying of hefty legal fees.


It's just a matter of time

Any website or satellite channel distributing Iranian film content without the permission of its owners will get caught.


Anybody caught distributing illegal film content, will have the following procedures will be taken against them:


  • They will receive a Polite Notice from the film content owner


  • They will be contacted by the DMCA with a Take Down Notice

  • The DMCA will contact their website's host with a Take Down Notice

  • The DMCA will contact their website's bridge company with a Take Down Notice

  • If they fail to respond to all of these stages their website will eventually be removed from search engines and they will lose all of the film content as well as running the risk of paying legal fees.


Coming Soon from the House of Iranian Cinema

The Name & Shame Campaign

A hard-hitting film about the perils of film piracy.

Screening Early 2014 on TV & Online!


What if you do get the permission of the Iranian film content owner?

  • You will still be able to show the films on your website

  • You will continue to generate the same, if not more, income

  • You will get the opportunity to join affiliate programmes


What are the benefits of getting the film owners permission?

The advantages of taking the small step to check with the owner of the content before distributing it online or via satellite are indisputable:


  • You save the inevitable hassle of endless lawsuits which you will not win

  • The heavy costs you will suffer once the owner becomes aware of what you are doing outweigh the temporary convenience of taking film content illegally

  • Not only will the content be of better quality but the you will also have established a relationship for any ongoing problems or queries that you may endure. A good relationship with the film content owner can only be positive as it may lead onto a long-term working relationship with financially-viable content deals in the future


What next?

Contact the production company or owner of the film content to buy the rights to distribute it.


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